Why choose North Harbour Stone Masons?

We're the right ones to choose for all the right reasons!
North Harbour Stone Masons tradesmen are certified and have countless years of masonry experience. Our stone masons can design and construct the project of your dreams that will give you a lifetime of pleasure. Based in Auckland, we also travel the length of New Zealand constructing all kinds of stone projects. We absolutely guarantee that our client's expectations are met and that they are completely satisfied. We work closely with the architects, council and clients with up-to-date specifications ensuring that no costly delays hinder the project.
We also source stone from around the world upon request.

Natural Stone - Natural beauty, durability and elegance
Stone adds an up-market character to any structural design. Not only will it keep in character with the restoration of older properties, but it also keeps pace with modern architecture. Stone is timeless and it is a far superior product than any man-made alternative. Natural stone is simply quality and shows it. Thousands of stone castles, stone monuments and stone buildings from ancient times still stand today and are proof that stone will last a lifetime.

We're here to help
Stone masonry adds the beauty of colour and texture to any architectural project. We can work from your personal sketches, council plans, photographs or a concept to help you turn your stone masonry dreams into a reality.

If you do not have a custom design that requires a stonemason - no problem! We can build it for you. All you have to do is give us your specifications regarding size, stone colour and stone type. Then let our expert stonemasons take care of building your stone structure. Some of our capabilities and specialties include:

  • Sea walls
  • Pool copings
  • Stone Paving
  • International Stone Supply
  • Stone work for Commercial and civil
  • Stone water features
  • Stone fireplaces
  • Stone Kerbing
  • Stone house cladding
  • Stone columns
  • Stone fountains
  • Stone barbeque
  • Stone pillars
  • Stone retaining walls
  • General stone masonry work
  • Feature stone landscape rock
  • and much more!

Stone suppliers
As well as stonemasons we are also a stone supplier who can supply directly to you a large variety of stones: basalt blue, bombay blue, paradise stone, glen ida schist, pullburn schist, waitaha schist. We can supply schist directly to the client for even the smallest jobs.

Enquiries welcome
If you have a stone project that requires a stonemason and have the drawings, then email or post them to us and we would be delighted to give you a quote. If you don't have any drawings, we would be pleased to offer you our expert stone masonry advice. Please explore our site and don't hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have.

We look forward to helping you with your stone masonry project.