Natural stone adds an up-market character to any structural design. Not only will it keep in character with the restoration of older properties, but it also keeps pace with modern architecture. Stone is timeless and it is a far superior product than any man-made alternative. Natural stone is simply quality and shows it. Thousands of stone castles, stone monuments and stone buildings from ancient times still stand today and are proof that stone will last a lifetime.

As well as offering our stone masonry services we are also a stone supplier who can supply directly to you a large variety of high quality natural stones: basalt blue, bombay blue, paradise stone, glen ida schist, poolburn schist, waitaha schist. We can supply schist directly to the client for even the smallest jobs. To hear more about what options we have available, or to get advice from our team of stone masonry experts, give us a call on 021 191 1808 or head over to our online contact form to give us more details about your project.